Toro Ramen and Poke Barn

Welcome to Toro Ramen and Poke Barn

A food lover's paradise in San Marcos, exactly at the back of the TX State Univ in a wonderful atmosphere w/ attentive staff and outstanding specials.



Richard Mendez
The tonkatsu ramen is awesome! The broth is outstanding 👍
Darth Baker
Alexander Bradley
Fast cheap ramen
Rachel R.
Best ramen in San Marcos! Always delicious, and easy to pick up. My order was bagged and ready to go before expected time.
Angelina C.
I haven't been back here for a while. I came back here after a few months in the midst of COVID-19. Its still SO COOOOOL!!! I still recommend the poke and...
Heather N.
SO GOOD. The broth is so good I had to drink the rest down after I got full on everything else. I can't wait to eat here again. Also awesome that they have...